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Hello friends, my name is Shama. I am a Martial arts black belt, and also a trainer. And I have also participated in many competitions, I have about 22 years of experience in the field of Exercise and Fitness, I have a special passion for health and fitness, I have been associated with this field for the last several years, and people have a lot of interest in this. I also keep sharing related information. I also have good knowledge of Supplements, Exercise and Health

The purpose of making my health and fitness elite blog is very special. I believe that everyone likes to be in good health and fit, but for those people whose aim is only Bodybuilding or Workout, it is very easy for those people to find time for all this, but those who do job or any business. For them, a good health and is like a dream. Those people want to be healthy and fit, but due to lack of time or any other reason, they are unable to pay attention to that.
Due to which many problems have to be faced. Often, problems related to health are seen more in women.

That’s why I have tried to share some good and easy health and fitness tips for such people, so that you can stay healthy and fit by following these tips along with your daily routine.

You will get a lot of good knowledge related to Fitness Motivation, Health Tips, Workouts, Healthy food recipe and Health and fitness on this blog. If you have any question or suggestion, you can mail me at sofy.sahay@gmail.com.

Thank you