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other health problems- Guinea Pigs & Health Problems

Cavies who turn out to be ill or injured generally go from poor to worse in a make a difference of hours. Having the phone number and address on hand of a small animal or exotic veterinarian can mean the difference between life and death for your guinea pig. An animal that life as lengthy as a guinea pig does requirements to obtain good medical care to keep it a pleased member of your family for a lengthy time. Waiting around till following your pet has turn out to be to ill to find a vet can finish up costing you precious time.

Find a good vet, who knows your animal, prior to you are in the middle of an emergency.

Find a good vet, who knows your animal, prior to you are in the middle of an emergency. Even although a guinea pig does not require shots as soon as a year like a cat or canine, they nonetheless require a normal annually check-up with a vet who knows how to care for cavies. Also, correct following bringing your new pet home, a via check-up will ensure that she is not pregnant or bringing any illness into the home.

Not all vets know how to take care of a guinea pig. For occasion, penicillin-based medication are poisonous to a cavy. Does your vet have encounter diagnosing and dealing with guinea pigs? If not, ask them if they know of a vet who does. You can also check your yellow webpages or lookup for a guinea pig vet on the Internet. Kind in, Small animal vet into a lookup motor or go to an online vet finder this kind of as As you may be studying for the first time, caring for a cavy is a good artwork. One essential ability you will require is the ability to place indicators of illness. In the wild, predators pick off ill guinea pigs. As a result, they have discovered to hide the fact that they are ill. You will have to use your detective abilities or by the time you understand that the animal is ill, it may be as well late.

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